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Zweistöckige Hochzeitstorte mit Blumen

Modern And Elegant Cakes

The best cakes in Berlin

If you are looking for a pretty birthday cake, a tasty gift for a colleague or a wedding cake in Berlin, Mansfield Park is the right choice!

Delicious cakes with airy creams and moist vegan cakes on the inside and timeless customizable designs on the outside.

Mansfield Park's unique selling points are

the use of the best and most sustainable ingredients which are nowhere else to be found in a cake shop in Berlin,

the high quality cakes for truly fair prices which are affordable for everyone,

and the taste - it's the best you can get!

We are proud of our mission to making outstanding cakes available for Berlin.

So simply choose your favourite flavour combination and cake design, and have it either delivered or pick it up yourself in Mansfield Park's store! It is located in the very heart of Berlin, easy to reach from the Hauptbahnhof with public transportation and have a coffee at Mansfield Park café!

Kleine Hochzeitstorte mit Blumen


Wedding Cakes

Striving to make a difference

Sustainability, fair trade and high quality aren't just buzzwords for Mansfield Park. A lot of resources go into sourcing chocolate, vanilla and other ingredients for every cake from the best suppliers. Those have to be truly sustainable and ethical to be made into one of Mansfield Park's custom cakes . Together we can make a difference. I care, and hopefully you do, too.

  • Do you deliver wedding cakes?
    Pick-up is always an option, also with wedding cakes. But believe us when we say that transporting a two-tiered or even three-tiered cake is no fun. Every bump in the street feels like a giant hole and traffic in Berlin is stressful. So, we recommend Mansfield Park's service of wedding cake delivery. We can transport the tall cake in a high quality cooling box, are (almost) always on time, and if the cake needs a little touch up, that is no problem, because Gabrielle always brings her repair kit. The distance of course is limited. Mansfield Park delivers to locations in Brandenburg, but Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or alike are too far away. The delivery fee would be exorbitant, as we not only have to deliver the cake, but also have to drive all the way back. The fee is calculated with 2,00€ per kilometer.
  • Do you deliver cakes?
    Absolutely! That's the best service Mansfield Park provides - we make sure that your cake will make it to you on time and safe. During check-out, you can select a date. It's best to pick the day when you plan on eating the cake. That way it will be as fresh as possible, but also chilled enough to make it to the location in one piece. Once you've placed your order, we will get back to you and discuss the details, such as the window for delivery. Please note that the kitchen hours are from 8:00 to 19:00, so your cake can only be delivered around that time. If the temperature gets over 30°C, all cakes will be delivered in the morning before 9:00, because we don't want them to melt (which has happened as Mansfield Park's cakes are delicate). The exception to this rule is wedding cakes - they will be delivered any time of the day.
  • Do you have vegan options?
    Absolutely! Every cake and product I offer is 100% vegan. As a committed vegan, I take this matter to heart, no animal or dairy products are used in my facilities.
  • Do you make vegan cakes, glutenfree cakes or lactose free cakes?
    Yes, yes and yes! All cakes are vegan, so they are naturally lactose free and eggfree. Mansfield Park believes that vegan food is more inclusive because everybody can eat, while vegans or people with food allergies can't eat "normal" cakes. So instead of ordering two cakes which are suitable for everyone, let's just order one cake from Mansfield Park! At the moment, the only glutenfree cake which we make is a pretty good chocolate cake. We are working on more options, but it always takes a while to find the right consistency. Please note that we do not offer sugarfree cakes, and do not substitute with spelt flour. Wheat flour cannot simply be substituted with spelt flour - the cake will not be as fluffy and therefore cannot meet Mansfield Park's standard. Cakes are not meant to be healthy and should always be regarded as a treat, something special to enjoy occasionally.
  • How long in advance should I place my order?
    Mansfield Park needs orders to be placed at least seven days before you're planning on eating the cake. But because there is a tendency for Fridays and Saturdays to be fully booked, you should definitely place your order as early as possible. Some customers place their orders many weeks ahead of designated cake time, so don't be upset if a certain day is already fully booked and Mansfield Park can't make you a cake. It's a one woman business, so there is just a certain amount of cakes that can be made on one day. You can order the cake for the day before you are planning on serving it, if it is a single tier cake and without fresh flower decor. The flowers won't keep over night without water. Every cake is made one day before transportation, because it needs to settle overnight. Please do not pick up your order more than one day before eating it. You and I want your cake to be as fresh as possible, believe me!
  • How do I order a cake?
    Select a design There are different designs for every occasion, like tiered cakes either as wedding cake or for another festive celebration. There are various designs without decor and colourful ones for kids. Pick your flavour Choose from many different fine-tune cake flavour combinations. From chocolate cake with chocolate and cream cheese mousse to lemon cake with fruity, not at all sweet raspberry cream. Check out Choose between pick-up or delivery, which is available for all of Berlin and even parts of Brandenburg. Select an available date, but make sure to order at least one week in advance. IMPORTANT Make sure to order at least one week in advance.
  • How do I store your cake and how long does it keep?
    Please please please, store the cake in the fridge, never on your balcony or wherever. A cake needs a constant temperature of around 8°C. Make sure to get it out of the fridge an hour before you want to serve it. The cake will keep moist and tasty for another three days. No longer please!
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Mansfield Park offers deliveries all throughout Berlin. The delivery fee depends on the distance that's between the kitchen and your location. When checking out, please calculate the distance yourserlf by using the provided map. If the location is further away than 20 km, please send an email and we will find out how to proceed. We will find a solution, but as deliveries are quiet time consuming, it will be relatively pricey the longer the distance.
Zweistöckige Hochzeitstorte
bunte Geburtstagstorte für Männer

Mansfield Park Service

Mansfield Park is an online bakery in Berlin, which specializes in making desserts for every occassion. Not everyone has the time to make a birthday cake for the loved one, and you don't have to - we make sure your cake is made with just as much care like a homemade cake. Apart from our tall buttercream cakes, we also offer small baked goods for offices, wedding buffets and desserts for other parties. You can find out more about that here, as well as about the best service Mansfield Park offers. We can deliver every cake safely to your home or party location. Gabrielle founded this small catering business to make delicious cakes available to everyone, those close to the kitchen, who can pick up the order, and those further away, desiring a fuzz free cake delivery.

Kind words from customers

Jess P via Google:

I must have ordered 10 cakes from Gabrielle in 2020. It was the highlight of the pandemic lockdown. I also sent cakes to family members. Not only are the cakes delicious and obviously carefully, personally made, but the personal, friendly, timely, reliable delivery from Gabrielle each time to our home added to the small business feel that makes the purchase even more special. Definitely a top small business to support!!! Super easy to communicate with while placing orders, personalizing orders, and receiving them. Since moving back to the U.S., I've really missed this piece of Berlin from when I lived and worked there.


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Come visit Mansfield Park at the new café and concept store:

Kiautschoustr. 1

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The cakes in this onlineshop are not sold in the store. They are pre-order only!



Tel: 0170 | 2858515

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