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Cakes for Cafés
and offices

Not only does Mansfield Park make cakes for its own lovely customers, but also almost since day one we've been baking for cafés and offices in Berlin. The product range for business customers does not include cream cakes, as resale is non-profitable, but we offer a wide selection of vegan loaf cakes and cookies.


Once you've sent a request, you will receive the full list including pricing. The best-selling vegan loaf cakes are:

  • Lemon cake with strawberry icing

  • Vanilla raspberry cake with vanilla icing

  • Lemon poppy cake with lemon icing

  • Lime coconut cake with coconut icing

  • Marble cake with chocolate ganache

  • Chocolate chip and cherry cake

  • Almond orange cake with orange icing

  • Pumpkin bread with streusel

  • Seasonal blueberry or apple cake

  • Vanilla cake with nougat 

  • Carrot cake with caramel icing

You might think that loaf cakes aren't that fancy, but Mansfield Park pays a lot of attention to detail and taste. If you're interested, you will get some samples and afterwards, the minimum order is 20 cakes transported in reusable boxes. We do not pack individually.

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