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The Cakes

A frequently asked question concerns the sizes of the cakes.

Mansfield Park offers four single tiered cake sizes:

  • Mini (2-4 servings) 

                                                                           diameter 13 cm, three cake layers

                                                                           height ~ 10 cm

  •  Small (6-8 servings)

                                                                          diameter 14 cm, four cake layers

                                                                          height ~ 13 cm

  • Medium (16 servings)

                                                                         diameter 19 cm, four cake layers

                                                                         height ~ 13 cm

  • Large (20-24 servings)

                                                                        diameter 22 cm, four cake layers

                                                                        height ~ 13 cm

Then there are five more sizes for tiered cakes:

  • Mini two tier (20 servings)

                                                                           bottom tier diameter  18 cm, three cake layers

                                                                           top tier diameter 14 cm, three cake layers

                                                                           height 20 ~ cm

  • Small two tier (30-35 servings)

                                                                           bottom tier diameter 20 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           top tier diameter 15 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           height 25 ~ cm

  • Medium two tier (45-50 servings)

                                                                           bottom tier diameter 24 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           top tier diameter 19 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           height 25 ~ cm

  • Large two tier (60 servings)

                                                                           bottom tier diameter 25 cm, five cake layers

                                                                           top tier diameter 20 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           height 28 ~ cm

  • Three tier (60 servings)

                                                                           bottom tier diameter 24 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           center tier diameter 19 cm, three cake layers

                                                                           top tier diameter 14 cm, four cake layers

                                                                           height 33 ~ cm

If you want to learn more about how to cut one of Mansfield Park's cakes, click here.

After choosing the size of your cake, the next choice is the flavour.

Mansfield Park offers three flavours for the mini sized cakes and six fine-tuned combinations of moist cake und delicious cream for all other cakes:

  • Lemon | Raspberryan airy, just slightly lemony cake dotted with raspberries, drizzled with a lemon syrup and inbetween those layers a decadent seedless raspberry crème patîssière. This one is the favourite for kids, because it's barely sweet.

  • Chocolate | Cream Cheese = layers of soft and not too sweet chocolate cake with chocolate chips are soaked with berry syrup; two layers of cream cheese mousse are matched by one layer of dark chocolate mousse. Definitely the best choice for chocolate lovers. But the chocolate mousse can be substituted with cherry compote to make the combo resemble blackforest cake.


  • Poppy | Cherry = moist poppy seed cake is matched with a tart sour cherry compote and a lemony poppy cream cheese mousse. Not too sweet, but fruity and nutty with lots of texture. This combo was a Christmas special, but so popular that it made it to the permanent collection. The lemon cake was always the bestseller in the café where Gabrielle came up with this recipe.


  • Pistachio Berry | White Chocolate = the all time favourite combo on the menue - pistachios and freeze dried berries give this vanilla cake texture, while every cake layer is spread with a most delicious pistachio-white chocolate mousse and paired with berry puree. It is a special combination you probably can't find anywhere else.


  • Hazelnut | Vanilla = rich hazelnut cake that tastes like ice cream is combined with luxurious vanilla crème patîssière with lots of real vanilla. Mansfield Park uses vanilla paste from Little Pod (UK), which is the best available choice when it comes to sustainably and ethically soured vanilla. Inbetween those two layers of vanilla cream is one layer with thick luxurious caramel and roasted organic hazelnuts.


  • Yoghurt | Fruit = fresh and moist yoghurt cake with a hint of vanilla is paired with a light and lemony yoghurt mousse while the highlight is the thickened fruit puree. We couldn't make up our mind, so you can choose between mango, mixed berries or raspberry. Another option is berry compote to add a little texture. 

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