Custom cakes

You have a birthday coming up? A graduation to celebrate? Your friend is getting married or having a baby? Or (and this point is just as valid) - you simply want some cake?

Please reach out to us! We are more than happy to cater to your every sweet-toothed-need!


huge cause for celebration but want to keep it minimalistic?

We got you! We love putting together flower arrangements (and sometimes spend an equal amount of time perfecting it, as it takes us to bake the cake in the first place) and letting them elevate the cake to the next level.


Childrens birthday cake

We made this colorful raspberry cake in celebration of the 2nd birthday of one of our customers’ little babe. They weren’t vegan themselves but wanted to make sure that every single one of their guests could indulge in a slice of this cute creation!

(Side note: we use our vanilla buttercream for all our more fancy cakes. It. is. a. dream!!!!)


Autumnal wedding cake - Semi naked

The bride of this wedding cake knew exactly what she wanted. How her cake was supposed to taste and what it was supposed to look like. The more detailed your description of your dream cake is, the higher are the chances we can nail it and make this the least of your worries on your big day!


Interested ? Order your cake here!