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This is Mansfield Park's version of the all-time favourite wedding cake design - the semi-naked cake gets a make-over! The cake layers just slightly shine through the coating, which seems like a silk veil.

Even available as mini two-tiered cake or with three tiers! 

Mansfield Park offers add-ons, such as an extravagant flower arrangement to make your cake more special.

Tier Cake | Barely Naked

PriceFrom €120.00
  • Allergens:

    Poppy | Cherry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Joghurt | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Chocolate | Cream Cheese - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Pistachio | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (pistachios)

    Lemon | Raspberry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Hazelnut | Vanilla - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (hazelnuts)


    No additives.

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