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The Style

Mansfield Park's birthday cakes and tiered wedding cakes are all about elegance and minimalism. That's our interpretation of a modern cake.​

Smooth sides and sharp edges are fundamental to every cake. One specialization are hand-mixed, strong colours. Pretty much any colour which can be found on Pantone can be mixed for your cake. The ombré cake is amongst the bestsellers in the onlineshop. This design is made of four shades of a strong colour that brighten up as they work their way up the sides of the cake. 

And to make a cake even fancier, Mansfield Park offers various add-on decoration, like gold leaf or flowers. A fresh flower arrangement will make an impressive decor. We spend a lot of time in selecting the ideal flowers that fit in proportion and looks. It shouldn't be overwhelming, but tasteful and special. But as dried flowers are very much in style right now, you might want a vegan cake with decor that will last. 

We know that stylish moms also have kids that are not that much into minimalistic modernism, so we offer various fun cake designs for birthday parties. Apart from those, we will also make anything happen within our range of style to give you a truly custom cake!

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