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Wedding Cake Designs

The dream wedding cake is an integral part of every wedding. It is not just about the cutting of the cake, but also about sharing a lovely piece of cake with your loved ones and celebrating love in a proper manner. So, the right bakery for your dream wedding cake in Berlin is definitely Mansfield Park. Have a taste of it with the tasting box.

The online-shop offers a variety of affordable cake designs which can be customized to your taste. Anything from a small cake for a more intimate wedding with fresh flowers decor, up to a three-tiered wedding cake in ombré with 60 slices is possible.

Mansfield Park doesn't make fondant cakes, but vegan cream cakes that are delicate, so cake delivery is advisable, which is available all throughout Berlin. Find out more about cake delivery here and read about Mansfield Park's wedding cakes.

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