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It is not a naked cake or semi-naked cake. The bestseller amongst celebration cakes get an extra elegant makeover the Mansfield Park way. As if a silk veil is draped over the layers of cake - free of any crumbs without the use of much cream, but still elegant as the cake layers shine through just a bit here and there.

To personalize your cake, add script or flowers.

Barely naked

PriceFrom €45.00
  • Allergens:

    Poppy | Cherry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Joghurt | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Chocolate | Cream Cheese - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Pistachio | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (pistachios)

    Lemon | Raspberry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Hazelnut | Vanilla - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (hazelnuts)

    Contains no additives.

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