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  • The ultimate colourful party cake that has it all! 

    This birthday cake is frosted in a smooth, pastel coloured buttercream, providing a soft backdrop for the ornate border created with fluid, overlapping drizzles in multiple colours. In the center of the top surface, the cheerful greeting "Happy Birthday" is piped and a single, slender birthday candle is placed in the center, ready to be lit and make a birthday wish.

    Please leave your choice of colour for the cake and Mansfield Park will do the rest!

    Disco Party

    PriceFrom €70.00
    • Allergens:

      Poppy | Cherry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

      Joghurt | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

      Chocolate | Cream Cheese - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

      Pistachio | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (pistachios)

      Lemon | Raspberry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

      Hazelnut | Vanilla - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (hazelnuts)

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