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An elegant combination of a barely naked cake with an extravagant dried flower arrangement on the side, attached with yarn for an extra highlight. A nice addition could be the customized script with golden food colouring. This design would make a lovely engagment cake or small wedding cake.

If you have special requests regarding the colours of the flower decor, just leave it as a comment. If not, Mansfield Park will get creative!

Barely Naked + Dried Flowers

PriceFrom €70.00
  • Allergens:

    Poppy | Cherry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Joghurt | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Chocolate | Cream Cheese - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (almonds)

    Pistachio | Berry - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (pistachios)

    Lemon | Raspberry - Gluten (from wheat), soy

    Hazelnut | Vanilla - Gluten (from wheat), soy, nuts (hazelnuts)

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