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Unique vegan cakes and the best cake in Berlin

Pistachio berry cake with pistachio white chocolate mousse and berry puree. Yoghurt cake with berry compote and lime yoghurt mousse. Chocolate cake with caramel, roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate mousse.

vegan cake with buttercream and yoghurt mousse
Mansfield Park cake

You can't get such combinations for birthday cakes anywhere else in Berlin, not in any online shop and not even in a purely vegan café. I've seen “vegan flavor” and chocolate cake with some kind of cream. That's boring. Nobody really thought about what possibly could be made in vegan.

Maybe there are a few other good suppliers that I don't know about, but pistachio isn't that common, I'm told. This is because pistachios are very expensive. So I'm even more thrilled that all pistachio lovers in Berlin are ordering a cake from Mansfield Park. Aside from the fact that I invest in expensive, high-quality ingredients to make good products, I'm also pretty sure that no one works as sustainably as I do. A daring and provocative hypothesis that is welcome to be refuted. Because Mansfield Park doesn't just go to the wholesale market to buy all the ingredients there. Nope, right from the start and on an ongoing basis, I invest quite a bit of time in researching what high-quality vegan products are available. I know where my nuts and vanilla come from, as well as the chocolate and cocoa. These are imported goods which grow in distant regions. And it makes an enormous difference whether you buy from Callebaut or Nielsen-Massey, for example, or, like me, from Paccari and LittlePod.* The companies in the first group all put the term “sustainability” on their homepage. But that's just greenwashing in my opinion. So the question arises as to what cafés and other cake makers who use such ingredients value. I think about maximizing profits. Because these ingredients are cheaper than those Mansfield Park uses and are truly sustainable. And there we have it. The reason why Mansfield Park makes the best cakes in Berlin. It's easy to make a good cake from affordable ingredients. But it takes a lot more to make an excellent cake from good ingredients. So I'm on the side of my coffee supplier Quijote - true quality without huge profit. Best taste for those who value it.

By the way, I don't just use my imported goods for my cakes. They are also available to purchase unpackaged in my concept store. At fair prices. Likewise the cakes for my café in Wedding. I know how much it costs to make it and accordingly I don't charge exorbitant prices that would have you think twice about buying a piece. So you can get one or two slices of the best vegan cakes in Berlin at Mansfield Park!

vegan Danube wave, yoghurt berry mousse, pumpkin bread and lime coconut cake
Mansfield Park Café in Wedding

* has something about treating employees and customers well on their website, not discriminating them. Well, well, but what about the vanilla farmers? Accessed February 22, 2024 states clearly that truly fair chocolate can only be made in the country of origin of the cocoa. But Callebaut (the leading manufacturer of cocoa products) imports African cocoa and has its production in Belgium. Paying for schools for the children of cocoa farmers is a nice initiative, but in my opinion it's just greenwashing. Accessed February 25, 2024


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