Someone once said that wedding cakes don’t taste very good.

Our personal top priority however, is that every type of cake is not only beautiful but also tastes amazing. Therefore, you will never find a cake that’s dry or made with a boring buttercream. Rather we guarantee a fully customized creation according to your wishes and our expertise - which will be eaten to the very last crumb.

From the batter all the way to the flower arrangements, everything is handmade from scratch using only top-quality ingredients. Of course we have some favourite cake flavours and like some creams best, but we are more than happy to advise you and also to try something new in order to make it YOUR perfect cake.

We understand that some people have intolerances or don’t want to consume certain ingredients due to other concerns. We are more than happy to tweak our recipes and leave out nuts, soy, gluten or refined sugars. However, you should note that we prepare all our cakes in the same environment, using the same equipment.

Our cakes have two different designs:

· "Semi-Naked": the cake is covered in a very thin layer of cream so that the individual cake layers remain visible


· “Buttercreamed”: Completely covered in buttercream which can be smooth, rustic, textured and/or tinted to your chosen color. (It is always important to note that our cakes are not suitable for being on display for several hours at an outdoor wedding in high temperatures.)

We love to enhance these designs by decorating with small arrangements of fresh flowers by our trusted florist but we also like to work with a variation of sugar pearls or other, more unusual extras. Fondant however is not something we like to work with, because it just doesn’t taste great.

A cake should be easy to eat! That's why we aren’t fans of wedding cakes that are as high as skyscrapers. One tier is put together of 3-4 layers with either fruit- or mousse filling that won’t give you instant diabetes. The diameter of the cake and the number of tiers depends entirely on the number of your guests and will increase accordingly. It also depends on whether you will ONLY eat the cake or if you will serve other desserts as well. We will make sure you get the most out of it!

All these points are relevant for your individual offer. We will schedule a tasting with you so you can try out different variations of cakes, in order for you (and maybe some of your family and friends) to find your perfect cake. For this service, we charge a fee of 50 €, which will be included in an advanced security deposit should you choose us as your caterers. We will then ask for the remaining payment to be made 4 weeks prior to your wedding.


We look forward to meeting you!