Someone once said that wedding cakes don’t taste very good.

However, it is my personal top priority that every type of cake is not only beautiful but will be eaten to the very last crumb. That is why cakes by Mansfield Park are never covered with fondant or a thick layer of bland buttercream that will be scraped off and thrown away. Instead, each cake is made from scratch by using only top-quality ingredients, is decorated with the most beautiful fresh flowers and exquisite sugar pearls. Browse through the gallery to get an idea of Mansfield Park’s visual style!

In order to create a cake that looks neat and also cuts nicely, all cakes for celebrations are stabilized by using my signature vanilla buttercream. They come in two different designs:

· "semi-naked": the cake is covered in a very thin layer of cream so that the individual cake layers remain visible


· “fully buttercreamed”: completely covered in buttercream which can be smooth, rustic, textured and/or tinted to your chosen color.

In order to achieve a representable height, each cake is made of four layers. The filling between the layers is either a fruity cream or a light and delicious mousse. The diameter of the cake and the number of tiers depends entirely on the number of your guests and will increase accordingly. It also depends on whether you will only eat the cake or if you will serve other desserts as well.

All these points are relevant for your individual offer. If you are looking for a wedding cake, choose between the wide variety of cakes and fillings. Send three combinations via email to me and I will bring three little cakes to a tasting at your house. You can also invite family and friends to get their opinion, because it is enough for at least eight people! For this service, I charge a fee of 50 €, which will be included in a down payment should you choose Mansfield Park as your caterer. I will then ask for the remaining payment to be made a couple of weeks prior to your wedding.

I look forward to creating your next cake!