The bestseller amongst celebration cakes and yet so special - free of any crumbs without the use of much cream, but still elegant as the cake layers shine through here and there.


  • All cakes contain gluten and soy, as well as almonds in the chocolate version and nuts in the hazelnut-vanilla combo.

  • Lemon | Raspberry = an airy, just slightly lemony cake, drizzled with a lemon syrup and inbetween those layers a decadent crème patîssière made with 80% high quality raspberry puree, seedless and melt in your mouth.


    Chocolate | Cream Cheese = layers of soft and not too sweet chocolate cake with chocolate chips are soaked with berry syrup; two layers of a slightly salty cream cheese mousse are alternated with one layer of rich dark chocolate ganache.


    Orange | Blueberry = moist orange cake with blueberries in it, topped with blueberry compote and fresh yoghurt cream. Someone once said the cream takes like the one from "Milchschnitte".


    Pistacchio Berry | White Chocolate = possibly the most decadent of them all - pistacchios and freeze dried berries give this vanilla cake texture, while every cake layer is spread with a most delicious pistacchio-white chocolate mousse.


    Hazelnut | Vanilla = hazelnut cake that tastes like ice cream, luxurious vanilla crème patîssière with lots of real vanilla and inbetween those two layers is one with hazelnut brittle.


    Yoghurt | Fruit = fresh and moist yoghurt cake accompanied by a light and lemony yoghurt cream while the highlight is the thickened fruit puree. You can choose between mango, mixed berries or raspberry.