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Vegan Cakes from Mansfield Park

I myself have been living vegan for a long time. That's why I also make purely plant-based baked goods. I make and eat only these and therefore think that I am more qualified to produce a good vegan product than companies that offer vegan options just because there is a certain demand.

Mansfield Park started with cakes and cinnamon rolls that we sold at markets. That was exhausting and not very lucrative. Also because everyone believes they can make cinnamon rolls. More on that in another post. So, Mansfield Park shifted towards making good and vegan cakes for Berlin. Equipped with plenty of perfectionism, I always try to produce a better product. My recipes are not set in stone, and that's why they are continuously refined. To be able to offer an excellent product. To be able to convince the critics.

Because I still remember how cakes and other pastries taste with animal products, how airy a cake with ten eggs is, and I am aware that this is not possible in vegan. Purely plant-based cakes are not comparable to angel cake or alike. Those are something totally different and that's why I make "simple" cakes which are then combined with variations of creams, fruit compote, and mousse, which can keep up in consistency and taste - and are also better for the environment than those based on animal products. This has also been known for a while: Factory farming makes a significant contribution to climate change and due to the overpopulation of our wonderful planet we inhabit, a predominantly plant-based diet must be adopted. I believe that I am helping, yes, contributing to making the shift easier. By showing my customers that it is possible to have a fantastic slice of cake without eggs, milk, and gelatine. But above all, I am grateful for every customer who chooses a cake from Mansfield Park. And if you "customer" are reading this, then know that you are doing something good!

A selection of loaf cakes that is always available at Mansfield Park café in Wedding
Loaf Cakes from Mansfield Park


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