The team

Mansfield Park stands for excellent tasting baked goods, which are also beautiful to look at. We cautiously bake cakes, cinnamon buns and cookies that are not too sweet, make creams that are more sophisticated and intricate than just a regular ‘whipped cream’ and make wedding cakes that combine various different components. We place great importance on a stylish appearance that ranges from the decoration of our products all the way to their presentation. But, should the customer so wish, we will also steer away from our traditional style and might even color in buttercream or put little hats on animal figurines.

 Our ingredients are always seasonal and if they are imported, they are - without exception - organic and fairtrade certified. Our Vanilla paste, cinnamon, coconut oil and chocolate are sourced from companies that we have hand-picked and who pay their producers fairly.

 By the way: we do everything ourselves. By hand and with a whole lot of love. This includes our photos! We enjoy being able to use our creativity outside of the kitchen by visually expressing who Mansfield Park is.

The faces behind our company belong to Gabrielle and Angelina. Gabrielle is the autodidactic recipe tweaker and fine tuner who - since she came to Berlin in 2013 - has made her desserts in various restaurants and cafés with great dedication. Until Angelina came along and they decided to start their own business.

Angelina is the glue without which our company (and Gabrielle) would be stranded. She drives boldly across the city to bring our products to our customers and is the left-handed woman's right-hand man. Together we master each day with a lot of humor.







You can find some of our creations at BUDDE KAFFEE in Tegel,

Buddestraße 31F 13507 Berlin