Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park stands for excellent tasting baked goods, which are also beautiful to look at.

They are created by me. My name is Gabrielle and I have been baking since I choose to become vegan a while back and made it my profession in 2013, when I moved to Berlin. I am an autodidactic recipe tweaker and fine tuner. I enjoy obsessing over a cake composition and bake with lots of dedication and passion. The ingredients I use are seasonal and if they are imported, they are organic and fairtrade certified. The vanilla paste, cinnamon, coconut oil and chocolate are sourced from companies that pay their producers fairly and are hand-picked by me. It is also of great importance to me that my products are not too sweet, are made of cakes with a light consistency and creams that are more sophisticated and intricate than just a regular ‘whipped cream’ or buttercream cake. Therefore, my festive cakes combine various components and textures on the inside, but are also appealing on the outside.

This is why I place great importance on a stylish appearance that ranges from the decoration of my products all the way to their presentation. This also includes the photos! I enjoy putting my creativity to use outside of the kitchen by visually expressing who Mansfield Park is.

I look forward to creating my next cake for you!